In this busy life, giving time to your home cleaning is quite difficult for people with busy schedules and hectic jobs, so they prefer hiring professionals. But there is an average community too, who cannot afford cleaning services or some other reason, they like to do chores on their own. They must know some hacks that are important for a home to look presentable.

Let’s take a peek at some tips and tricks that you won’t get by professionals:

Green Cleaning Products:

Here is a phenomenon called green cleaning, which means that you can clean your home with natural and easily available products. These are affordable too. Lemon, Vinegar, Soda, etc. Add any of these in warm water and apply it to things you want to clean. You can also use dishwashing soap that is also less toxic. These green cleaning products will brighten up your home.

The rule for every morning:

Making a bed is way too important because it gives a peaceful environment and also gives a clean look to your home. Make this rule in your home that when someone gets up in the morning it is a must for them to make the bed. You will see the difference that even by making a bed the home looks tidy and presentable.

Use old clothes for cleaning:

If you are ready to give away some of your clothes don’t forget to take out the cotton or nylon clothes. These clothes are best for cleaning and dusting. It won’t leave a scratch and give a classy look to the window glass, table glass, and mirrors.

It would give more shine if you use cleaning products for cleaning windows or glass. Mix lemon with warm water and put it in the spray and then clean.

Tricks for mopping and vacuuming:

You know it is better to clean things in a certain way, like in a row. When you clean haphazardly, you will leave some places uncleaned. It is better to mop the floor from room to doorway. The same is for vacuuming: keep the cleaning in a row, it will help you clean calmly and more clearly.

Laundry trick:

This is very tricky but simple once you know about it. Professionals use a trick while washing your clothes. That’s why we love our clothes because they are super clean and stain-free.
The professionals put all-white clothes together and wash them all together and secondly, they put colored clothes together by doing this the cloth will have less chance to get color from one dress to another. They also use some non-toxic products to remove stains, because non-toxicproducts will not tear the cloth.

Appliances Cleaning:

You might have seen your professionals cleaning the vacuum bag and dishwasher but they won’t tell you how to clean. Clean the vacuum bag daily because sometimes smelly products get stuck in it and leave a smelly odor. Also, don’t forget to clean your dishwasher with washing soap.

Removing dust and dirt from corner hard to reach:

Here is a trick for removing dust and webs, dirt, etc from corners of your home, those are hard to reach. Just tie a cloth around a long stick and then clean such corners.

Always remember, making cleaning your priority gives you peace of mind. But if you have no time for cleaning in your busy schedule just call Happy Houses Cleaning Services for cleaning. We are ready to serve you with quality cleaning.

Thanks, team HHCS

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